Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Agency

Maintaining the Dignity of Human Life Since 1982

Community Bridges, Inc. (CBI) uses a holistic—or integrated—approach to addiction treatment and behavioral health concerns. We take each person’s unique traits and issues into account to design a treatment plan. Using a combination of education, therapy, housing, medications, peer support, inspiration, hope and other supportive services, our solutions are never one-size-fits-all. People are unique, and their treatment plan should be too.

CBI’s passionate and dedicated team of medical and behavioral health professionals share a common philosophy to attend to the needs of our communities. With a mission of maintaining the dignity of human life, we can’t help but be agents of positive change in our communities.

Many of our employees are peers and they have been in your shoes. Peers are the heart of CBI, and they know exactly what it takes to help you discover the road to recovery. They provide daily assistance, hope, education, and support to people through treatment. Most importantly peers give our patients the individual care they need at the time they need it.


CBI Continuum Of Care

Helping Your Patients Change Their “Whole” Lives

Our commitment is to treat patients holistically, with dignity and respect. We strive to make sure they are receiving the best possible care for both their mental and physical well-being. We know exactly what it takes to recover from substance use, while also taking into consideration other co-occurring symptoms such as serious mental illness/mental illness.

  • Patient-Centered Medical Homes. We offer a variety of services to meet the patient’s physical and behavioral needs.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment. We treat substance use disorders by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Inpatient Medical Detox. We utilize physician-directed protocols to safely taper off of drugs and alcohol.
  • Psychiatric Inpatient Care. We provide a full continuum of care to improve patients health and well-being.
  • Residential Treatment. We treat individual needs while allowing patients to recover in a safe space.
  • Crisis Mobile Teams. We come to your patients in a moment of mental health crisis.
  • Supportive Housing. We focus on assisting clients to live independently and maintain housing.
  • Crisis Care. We help patients through immediate crisis allowing them a safe place to stay.
  • SMI. We support SMI patients and serve the general mental health community.
  • Women and Children. We believe women experience better outcomes in a gender-specific program.
  • Veterans. We work with veterans to get them the services they need.
  • Adolescents. We are the leader in addiction treatment for adolescents in Arizonare



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