One person can make a difference in the lives of others.Sarah’s Place | Glencroft

In fact, our long history demonstrates that one person’s kindness can affect literally thousands of lives over many, many years.

In the early 1960s, Sarah Ruth, a local pastor’s wife, touched the lives of an elderly couple in her church community with her servant-heart. Sarah cared for this couple in their own home until it became clear that the couple’s safety was at risk if they didn’t move into Sarah and her husband’s home.

The compassionate care that Sarah poured on this couple helped them avoid what could have been a tragic outcome had Sarah not come to their aid. Upon their death, it was discovered that the couple had gifted Sarah with a $500 endowment.

Sarah took this $500 gift to the elders at her church and cast a vision for what she wanted to accomplish with this seed money. Through one woman’s vision, a small gift of appreciation and the collaboration of many, Glencroft Center for Modern Aging grew to what it is today – a home and care community for as many as 900 seniors.

For our independent living residents who want to remain mostly self-sufficient for as long as possible, our in-home care service, Glencroft at Home by AmeriCare, provides a bridge between independent living and assisted living.


A Little Extra Help

If you or your loved ones need just a little extra help to live independently, Glencroft at Home by AmeriCare is a great choice. Our in-home care focuses on assisting residents with usual daily tasks, helping them to stay healthy, engaged, and able to enjoy life to the fullest. We understand how important it is to remain independent at home for as long as possible.

In-Home Care | Different for Everyone

We tailor our in-home care services to your unique situation, and our services are available seven days a week. For fifty years, Glencroft has continued to deliver exceptional care and peace of mind to our residents and their families as their needs evolve.

In-Home Care Services

  • Bathing Assistance: Support with tub, shower, or sponge bath
  • Evening Care: Preparing a meal, assisting with clothing change for bed, assisting with personal care and oral hygiene, and selecting clothes for the next day
  • Meal Escort: Assistance getting to and from the dining room
  • Medication Management: Weekly or bi-weekly setting up of medications
  • Medication Reminder: Two-three times a day verbal reminder and observation
  • Morning Care: Assisting resident out of bed, preparing breakfast, personal care; oral hygiene, shaving and combing hair
  • Outside Escort: Escort to and from appointments, errands, etc.
  • Personal Laundry: Once a week; wash, dry and put away
  • Respite Care: 4 hour minimum
  • Wellness Check: For those residents whose families would like reassurance that their family member is safe
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